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P.A. Lopez, aka Pablo Starr (formerly known as musician Paul Avion), is a film and TV writer living in West Village, NYC.

Article in The Huffington Post
Interview in Swagger Magazine

Musical Career

Pablo Starr moved from New Orleans to Los Angeles, settling into the Silver Lake music scene, home to artists such as Jenny Lewis, Elliott Smith, Giant Drag and the Silversun Pickups. He originally formed the band Par Avion, which featured a revolving lineup, including musicians such as Tanya Haden (cellist, sister of Petra Haden, now wed to comedian Jack Black), and Ben Mumphrey, producer of Frank Black & the Catholics.

As musician “Paul Avion,” he was chosen by SPIN.com as an Artist to Watch, and he is also known for living and working in the slums of Africa for SPIN Earth.

As Paul Avion, he is noted for music that encompasses a wide variety of styles, from folk to experimental to electronic pop, with most of his songs apparently coming from dreams. He has said he considers himself a “sound explorer” in the vein of Joni Mitchell, who he cites as a major influence.

He has received further press in College Music Magazine, Glasswerk UK, Sentimentalist Magazine and other outlets.

Fashion Career

He runs publications such as Fashion Week Online and RNWY, where he’s interviewed musicians such as Steve Nieve, and fashion icons such as Donna Karan, Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared2, and Fern Mallis.

Activist Work

In January 2010, the now-defunct SPIN-owned publication SPIN Earth announced the publication of a series of articles covering Paul Avion’s trip to the slums of Kenya.

On November 3, 2010, the video for “Stop Joseph Kony” was released, filmed while living in one of Africa’s slums, and meant to draw attention to atrocities committed by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda.

Musical Releases

He has released a number of singles, such as “Stand Up, Be a Man” and “Fibromyalgia,” which have appeared on PBS’ Roadtrip Nation, Fuel TV’s extreme sports show, The Daily Habit, and AMC’s Hollywood Icon.

In June 2009, Under the Radar Magazine’s Digital Sampler, Volume IX included the single “Art School Dropout” along with a number of bands from Sub Pop, Merge Records and Saddle Creek Records.

In 2010, he announced his first solo album, entitled R U With Me. The first track released was “Henry Sage & Mrs. Wolverton.”

As of December 2010, R U With Me had debuted #7 on CMJ’s new adds chart and had hit the top 30 lists of various stations, as well as receiving write-ups and recommendations from several. The album also scored at the top of a poll of “What Record Are You Looking Forward to Most” by Magnet Magazine.

In October 2012, he released Summerland / Self-Destroyer.

Summerland / Self-Destroyer charted in the top 30 at several stations, including Radio UTD and KSPC.

Literary Work

He is inventor of the pataphor, an extended metaphor based on Alfred Jarry’s science of ‘pataphysics.


Pop Music United (2006)
Fibromyalgia (2009)
R U With Me (December 2010)
Summerland / Self-Destroyer (October 2012)


“Pop Music United” (2006)
“Fibromyalgia” (2009)
“Stop Joseph Kony” (2010)
“Stand Up, Be a Man” (2010)

Other appearances

• In April 2008, the song “Stand Up, Be a Man” was featured on PBS’ Roadtrip Nation.
• The song “Pop Music United II” appeared on Sonic Vogue’s Sound of Style, Vol. II in 2008.
• The song “Stand Up, Be a Man” was featured on the compilation Groovetonics, Volume 2 in 2008.
• In September 2008, the song “Stand Up, Be a Man” was featured on Fuel TV’s “The Daily Habit.”
• In July 2009, “Pop Music United II” was featured on AMC’s Hollywood Icon.
• In October 2013, he interviewed musician Steve Nieve about is collaboration with Sting and Vanessa Paradis.